AP Equipment Financing Implements DocuSign and eOriginal

AP Equipment Financing is excited to announce the successful implementation of DocuSign electronic documents and eOriginal document vaulting. DocuSign and eOriginal, are industry leaders in digital signature authentication and electronic document management, delivery, and storage. AP has built a reputation for fast and flexible equipment financing programs, and the adoption of DocuSign and eOriginal further demonstrates their pursuit of excellent service and products. During the two-week live testing, AP had successfully completed over 40 contracts via electronic documents and saw, on average, a 35% decrease in contract completion time.

“Our team’s ability to integrate a digital documentation and signature system to process our contracts is a pivotal moment for AP. As the company continues to grow, it is important that we make the process more efficient and easier for our valued customers and business partners alike”, stated Raquel O’Leary, CLFP, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We want to make sure that if you’re engaging with AP, in any fashion, it is a positive experience and electronic documents is one way to make things easier for virtually everybody.”

Digital documents are not only more efficient for AP’s customers, but also for its vendor partners. The process allows mutual customers to complete documentation without the usage of printers or the physical mailing of contract documents, thus facilitating a quicker and more secure transaction for all parties.

“DocuSign and eOriginal implementations are another instance of system investment that is showing immediate benefit”, stated Chris Enbom, CLFP, CEO of AP. “We constantly push ourselves to improve the overall customer experience, and delivering equipment financing solutions to our customers in record time is a great way to accomplish this goal.”