Docs & Funding

The final step to getting your transaction completed and funded is the docs and funding stage. Below are some tips to ensure a smooth and efficient funding:

  1. When signing documents, it is important to that your signature matches the one on your driver’s license; this is what we use for signature verification.
  2. Your printed name on our documents must be your full first and last name(s) including any suffixes (Jr, I, II, III, etc.).
  3. For titled equipment, we require a signed and notarized Power of Attorney document. (Some states have exceptions).


How do I sign my document package?

Document packages are sent out via Docusign. The signer will receive an email and answer a set of questions to access the documents. All signers on a contract will receive a separate email.

I received an email from Proof, what is that for?

Proof is the company AP uses to complete remote online notary. If you are financing a titled vehicle, we may require a notarized Power of Attorney that can be signed via this service. Simply sign in and it will connect you with a notary to complete the signature.

What can I do to make my deal fund faster?

It is helpful to sign your documents as soon as possible via Docusign, and alert the sender of any errors you seen in the documents. It is also helpful to contact your insurance agent asap to inform them of your new financing. AP does require a certificate of insurance prior to funding, and there is a document in your contract that you can provide to your agent for certificate requirements.



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