Adequate Training is vital to integrate geospatial instruments into your business for long term success

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

During the first half of 2018, I attended six different UAV or geospatial sensor focused conferences. At my meetings with exhibitors and attendees, a common thread was new users unleashing the full benefit of their new UAS platforms. It became abundantly clear that getting new training to integrate this technology is critical to the long-term success of their business.

Commercial UAV systems and their payloads are expensive and require a great deal of planning and evaluation before integration into your current operations. Undertaking aerial work in the field without adequate training is not only risky but costs you unnecessary time and risks leaving the client unimpressed with your results. Basic UAV flight operation is becoming easier as flight planning software and ground control technology improves; however, performing your flight safely, efficiently and correctly recording the data is paramount to a successful UAV initiative.

In June at the Energy Drone Coalition conference in Houston, Dave Morris, Intel’s Senior Director of Global Drone Sales Enablement & Business Development said, “Adopting new technology is always exciting, however, differentiating yourself as a professional drone operator usually requires more than a Part 107 certificate. The best way to unlock the full potential of drones, while maintaining a safe operation, is to couple industry-specific training with practical flight experience.”

UAV flight training is only part of the equation. Getting the full value from your post-processing software is an area that can be underemphasized. Take advantage of your provider’s online training or webinars to access the latest modules for integration into your processes.

As you evaluate whether a UAV program is right for your business, be sure you are not underestimating the importance of a comprehensive and ongoing training program. And if new equipment is in your sights, please be sure to reach out if you are curious about what financing terms we can offer. You may be surprised how affordable and easy our process is!

To learn more about our financing programs for geospatial intruments contact Nick Gibbens at or by phone at 925-266-5551. To see check out financing programs offered for geoapstial instruments click here. If you are going to the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas in October make sure to swing by our booth #529! Click on the image below to register for free to join us at Commercial UAV. Please select Attendee at the next screen and please note the promo code populates automatically at the bottom of the screen.