AP Equipment Financing and Peak-Ryzex Announce Strategic Partnership

AP Equipment Financing and Peak-Ryzex are proud to announce a strategic partnership, offering financing and lease packages for the STAR V Scanner program. This partnership will create a seamless experience for all FedEx Ground Pickup & Delivery Contractors to acquire the necessary STAR V scanning solutions for their entire fleet with minimal initial cash expenditure. FedEx Ground Contractors that are current AP customers can quickly finance additional STAR V scanners from Peak-Ryzex with minimal additional documentation.

Providing both financing and truck sourcing solutions to FedEx Ground Pickup & Delivery Contractors, AP’s services are utilized by approximately 30% of all FedEx Pickup & Delivery Contractors. “Over the years AP has built a reputation of integrity, industry knowledge and innovation within the FedEx Ground community”, states Raquel O’Leary, COO of AP. “We are extremely excited to partner with Peak-Ryzex, an industry-leader that has clear synergies with our own organization. Peak-Ryzex’s innovative solutions and high level of service, aligned with our quick financing programs will create a seamless path for FedEx Ground contractors to navigate this transition period effortlessly.”

“As we continue to work with FedEx Ground Contractors and help them transition to the STAR V program, we are always striving to add additional value and simplicity to our solutions offering”, said Juliann Larimer, CEO, Peak-Ryzex. “Our AP partnership provides another flexible finance option and will allow contractors who have already worked with AP in the past to leverage their existing relationship.”

With the new partnership, contractors who are already working with AP for vehicle financing will not need to complete another credit application for their STAR V Scanner financing or leasing.

Peak Ryzex, a market leader in providing end-to-end scanning and mobility solutions for over 35 years, has developed STAR V scanner solutions that meet the unique business needs of FedEx Ground contractors.

Peak-Ryzex provides:

  • STAR V P&D scanning equipment
  • “White glove” contractor customer service & support
  • Peak season rental programs
  • In vehicle storage/charging options
  • Nationwide coverage in North America
  • Volume discounts
  • AP Equipment Financing is a leader in providing financing solutions, fleet management services, and vehicle sourcing for independent FedEx Ground Contractors nationwide.

AP Equipment Financing provides:

  • Quick & secure online application
  • Application only limits up to $500,000
  • Minimal additional paperwork for existing AP Customers
  • Exclusive reserved inventory of FedEx Spec’d vehicles
  • Flexible financing packages to include vehicle and scanner
  • Electronic documents for fast & secure processing
  • Internal titling department

For more information about Peak Ryzex, contact them at:

Email: myfxground@peak-ryzex.com
Phone: 1-844-394-7325
Website: https://myfxground.peak-ryzex.com/