Why It’s Important for Your Finance Company to Have CLFP’s

A CLFP stands for a Certified Lease & Finance Professional, which is a designation specifically for equipment leasing and finance professionals. For someone to qualify for a CLFP, they must have three years of experience in the leasing world to qualify to take an eight-hour exam.

On the CLFP Foundation website, the CLFP designation is defined as “the preeminent credential for equipment leasing and financing professionals throughout the world who have demonstrated competency through testing of knowledge, continuing education and a commitment to their business practices and dedication to the industry.”

It is important for your equipment finance company to have people with this designation because of multiple reasons.

– Individuals who have taken and passed the exam show a dedication to the industry.
– It demonstrates an individual’s depth of knowledge about equipment financing.

AP currently has 22 employees with the CLFP designation, with 4 of those being CLFP Associates, who have taken the exam and once they’ve passed their 3 year tenure in the industry, will become full-fledged CLFPs.

AP has had CLFP’s serving customers since 2008, which demonstrates our 12+ years of commitment to holding ourselves to a higher standard of professionalism in the leasing industry.


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