How AP Provides Effective Environmental Financing through CalCAP

What are California’s environmental initiatives?

Chris Lerma


Usually in the US, California takes the lead in most environmental regulations and laws, and has the most aggressive greenhouse gas emissions standards. One example is a cap-and-trade program that started in 2012 and limited the amount of greenhouse gas emissions companies are allowed to emit every year. If they go over their allowance, they had to buy more credits, typically from other companies that produce clean, alternative energy.


Nick Fong

Additionally, there are states such as California that are committed to transitioning consumer vehicles off of fossil fuels by 2035, and following suit are many large transportation corporations that plan to be carbon neutral in a similar timelines.


What is the CalCAP program?

Chris Lerma


CalCAP is a program sponsored by the California Air Resources Board. It was created to encourage lenders and financial institutions, like AP, to make loans to small businesses for clean diesel engines for medium and heavy-duty engines. It’s been very successful and, since its creation, AP has financed roughly 600 clean diesel trucks for 525 companies, making approximately $46 million in loans.


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