Meet the Leaders of AP Equipment Financing

Chris Lerma


I’m the president of AP. I was promoted to president at the beginning of 2021, and previously, I was the chief risk officer and chief credit officer. I rose through the ranks of the company on the credit side, but was always involved in the accounting side, with a little bit of sales management and operations assistance mixed in. I’ve been with the company since 2004.


Nick Fong

I’m chief marketing officer and chief technology officer. I joined the company in 2010, right after I got my MBA. I oversee the majority of our platform and all the various systems that connect to it, and I work with many of the individuals and stakeholders in our various departments.


Lauren Mann


I’ve been with the company since 2018 as HR Manager and recently was promoted to HR Director in 2022, following an HR management career of about 13 years. I came on board to support AP in creating HR policies and processes.


Anna Payton


I am AP’s HR Generalist and I have been with AP since 2020; before that I had a social work-related career. I naturally transitioned into HR, and have many different responsibilities here, including head of the company’s Culture Committee. I also work with insurance and benefits, do a lot of onboarding of new hires, and support Lauren, the HR Director.