Helping Arborists Protect the Environment

arborists helps to protect the environment

An important industry sector of AP Equipment Financing is the arbor space. AP finances chippers, chip and bucket trucks, tracked lifts, and more for arborists throughout the US. This equipment provides essential tree care professionals with the ability to do clean up work, whether that is after a natural disaster, clearing diseased trees, or making room for other trees to grow.

“We’ve been providing funding for the tree care space for more than 10 years. We provide equipment for tree care and arbor professionals who understand what it takes to properly care for trees, whether they be in a garden, on the side of a freeway, near power lines or elsewhere. We also provide equipment and funding for wildfire clean-up.”
– Nick Fong, CMO & CTO of AP

“A lot of these arborists also do clean-up work in the mid-west or on the east coast. When there is a hurricane in Florida, for example, they’ll take a crew to that area and spend three months just cleaning up. These aren’t just logging companies cutting down trees and selling lumber, they treat trees and help keep them alive, when possible, while also strategically cutting down trees and clearing brush from areas that are susceptible to catching fire. In the United States, though people might not be accustomed to thinking of their state as a potential victim of climate change, hurricanes, bushfires, or tornadoes, the reality remains that you might suffer from the consequences of global warming are real. And these consequences cannot be ignored. AP works to compensate for the damage that can be felt, as well as working to prevent any damage from climate change.”
– Chris Lerma, President of AP