What is a direct lender? 

A direct lender is a financial institution or company that provides loans or financing directly to customers without involving intermediaries such as brokers, agents, or third-party institutions. Direct lenders use their own funds to lend to borrowers, which means they make the lending decisions internally and manage the loan process from application to approval and funding. 

AP Equipment Financing is a direct lender and subsidiary of the Tokyo Century Corporation – one of the largest independent financing companies in the world. When you choose to finance your equipment with AP, you are getting several benefits compared to other financing institutions. 

Here are some key advantages to financing with a direct lender like AP: 

  1. Streamlined Process: AP handles the whole transaction process in-house from start to finish through our internal resources for sales, credit, funding, tilting, insurance, billing and customer service. We make our own credit decisions, which means a faster experience from application to funding. This provides a seamless customer experience and more responsiveness throughout the process. 
  1. Faster Approval: AP has an internal credit team making our credit decisions. Quick decision-making and internal teams provide easier communication and faster processing throughout the entire funding process. 
  1. Personalized Service: We believe in the power of personal and focus on addressing your specific business needs when financing your equipment. Our industry experts work with customers to find the best possible financing solutions for their business and equipment needs. 
  1. Flexible Terms and Payment Options: AP knows different businesses have different financing needs. AP can offer some flexibility in loan terms, such as 100% financing options including shipping and taxes, and customizable payment structures. This flexibility allows us to finance more borrowers with specific financial needs or constraints. 
  1. Relationship Building: AP is relationship based, as opposed to transaction based, which means future business is just as important as the current transaction. Nearly 70% of our transactions in established industries like package delivery come from repeat customers, and approximately 50% across all industries. 

AP is a trusted direct lender with financial backing from our parent company, Tokyo Century. Tokyo Century is one of the largest independent financing companies in the world with operating segments in equipment leasing, automobility, specialized equipment financing, and international business. Their support allows AP industry experts to offer personalized financing solutions for the equipment your business needs.  

Industry Financing

AP’s financing programs are specialized for each core industry: automobile repair, arbor and landscaping, construction, concrete, package delivery contracting, towing and more.  

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Vendor Financing Programs

AP also partners with vendors to offer financing programs to their customers.