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Commercial UAV

Let AP Financing help you with all your geospatial instrument needs with minimum time and effort!

We understand the enormous impact incorporating a UAV and its various payloads can have on your business. Acquiring the correct model and payload options is a critical decision that you want to consider carefully. At AP Equipment Financing we understand the importance of providing a simple process to minimize the time and complication that can accompany a purchase of this nature. We can accommodate most requests within 24 hours and will bundle in all upfront costs for training, post-processing software, and extended warranty into your monthly payment. This is some of what AP can do for you:

  • • Custom-tailored finance programs to match your cash flow needs
  • • No down payment required
  • • Finance terms up to 5 years
  •  We will work with multiple suppliers to configure your UAS
  • • Seasonal payment options available
  •  True leases available on some models to increase tax savings
  • • Technology upgrades to protect against instrument obsolescence
  • • 100% financing can include training and extended service contracts
  • • No end of term purchase required

AP Equipment Financing can provide financing for all your geospatial instrument needs.  We provide financing to a wide spectrum of uses from survey and mapping, inspection, precision agriculture, insurance, and construction management. Integrating a UAV into your business is a critical decision. Let AP Financing smooth the process of acquiring the right tool for the job and allow you to retain your precious capital!

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Questions about the Process?

Wondering what it will take to get new equipment?

We pulled together all of our experts to help solve some of the questions that you may have! Wondering what documents our underwriting team needs to see? Need to chat with a live representative about the application process? These questions and more are answered in our Knowledge Base, designed just for you.


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