What equipment needs to be titled?

We finance an array of equipment, but states really only require three types of equipment to be titled: vehicles, trailers, and chippers. Vehicles must be titled in every state. Trailers and chippers may or may not require titling, depending on the state. Chippers are not required to be titled in most states. To find out if your state requires you equipment to be titled, you can check your local DMV website, or ask us!

Who holds the title?

Allegiant Partners Incorporated, as the lien holder or lessor, holds the title. Most states send the titles to the lien holder to hold onto until a finance agreement (or lease agreement) has been completed. There are a few states that allow the customer to hold the title, but in these cases, the states send out a notice of lien to lien holders, notifying them their lien has been properly added.

What happens at the end of the term?

In most cases, once the terms of the equipment finance agreement have been fulfilled, the lien will be removed and the title sent to the customer.