AP Equipment Financing Secures $200 Million Credit Facility from Wells Fargo

BEND, OR. – AP Equipment Financing is proud to announce the finalization of a $200 million credit facility from Wells Fargo. This strategic financial move comes as AP Equipment Financing is set to capitalize on increasing demand from customers and dealer partners alike.

As the U.S. economy continues to adjust to a changing rate environment, this expansion of credit capacity serves as a testament to AP Equipment Financing’s commitment to fueling growth and innovation. This facility enables the company to meet the escalating requirements of its diverse clientele and offers a boost to industries that are pivotal to everyday operations and commerce.

“We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Wells Fargo with this $200 million credit facility. This increase in our lending capacity underscores our confidence in the resilience of the industries we serve and reaffirms our commitment to being a reliable financial resource, even in the current economic environment.” stated Zack Marsh, CLFP, SVP of Accounting at AP Equipment Financing.

AP Equipment Financing has consistently demonstrated its agility and adaptability in the face of economic fluctuations. The expanded credit facility from Wells Fargo further strengthens the company’s position as a forward-looking independent finance firm and further progresses Tokyo Century’s commitment to a growth strategy within the United States.

About AP Equipment Financing
AP Equipment Financing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Century, a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. AP was founded in 1998 to provide a fast, easy, and more personalized way for companies across the US to lease and finance their specialized equipment.

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