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Keep your Fleet up to Scale and Ready to take on Peak Season

AP Equipment Financing Customers get exclusive access to our reserved pool of pre-approved delivery vehicles for contractors contracted to delivery for FedEx*, FedEx Ground, Amazon Logistics, OnTrac, and many others. This pool of reserved step vans, trucks, tractors, and panel vans is exclusively available to AP's customers through a network of national dealer partners. Contact us today to find out how you can get access to this exclusive inventory!

AP Equipment Financing are experts in the unique world of independent delivery contractors. We routinely provide fast and flexible finance programs for contractors contracted to deliver for FedEx*, FedEx Ground, Amazon Logistics, OnTrac, and many others. Our team has spent years understanding the intricacies of your business and have come up with programs designed for your business. Whether our programs are alleviating the pressure of Peak Season or keeping your fleet up to ISP specification our team is ready to be your financial partner for future and present success.

We offer 100% financing and can typically fund up to $150,000 worth of New or Used delivery vehicles. This means financing those 2 to 3 replacement vans to bring your fleet up to scale is as easy as completing a simple credit application.

*“FedEx” and “FedEx Ground” are registered trademarks of Federal Express Corporation. AP Equipment Financing is not endorsed by, recommended by, or affiliated with Federal Express Corporation or FedEx Ground. Federal Express Corporation has not approved and has no involvement with any financing or other services advertised, offered or provided by AP Equipment Financing.

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Work Truck Direct offers commercial vehicle solutions in conjunction with AP's financing programs for the various types of vehicles within the delivery vehicle industry. Whether you are looking for a new Freightliner MT-55 Step Van, Ram Promaster Cutaway, Chevy Cargo Van, or any other delivery vehicle, Work Truck Direct is able to source the right vehicle for your ISP.

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