Equipment Financing

Conserve cash flow and increase productivity

Equipment Financing with an "Equipment Financing Agreement" is one of the best ways to conserve your hard earned profits while still acquiring business essential equipment. Allegiant Partners' fast, flexible and comprehensive financing programs allows your business to make small monthly payments, seasonally adjusted payments, or contact payments early in the term for equipment acquisitions and retain ownership at the end of the term. Additionally, financing your equipment through Allegiant Partners can build business credit, reduce tax exposure, and keeps your equipment up to date. We typically finance 100% of the cost of equipment and often finance "soft" costs like taxes and installation. 



Every equipment financing transaction begins with a credit application. Complete a secure online credit application for expedited decisioning.


Once our credit team reviews the application, a professional account manager will return a proposed structure of your financing agreement for you to review.


Time to organize and send in documents such as your equipment invoices and we are one step away from...


Signing your official equipment financing documents. I's have been dotted and T's have been crossed and your equipment is on its way to your business!

Get the capital you need, faster.

Tax benefits and advantages can be extremely important to a business's cash flow. By carefully structuring your equipment finance purchase we may help you create those benefits and preserve your lines at the bank.

With our Equipment Financing Programs, you can:

  • Preserve your bank line of credit
  • Customize payment structures to fit your cash flow
  • Keep Section 179 Expensing (check with your tax advisor)
  • Finance 100% of Equipment Costs
  • Finance Soft Costs, like taxes and installation
  • Add equipment to existing financing agreements
  • Obtain business comparative credit (we report to business rating agencies)
  • Finance without the debt on your personal credit (we will pull personal credit for guarantors, but the loans are not reported on personal credit - just business credit - which is good!)

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